Fetching More Customers

Right-sized for your businessCurious Dog Marketing will help you create customized marketing that gets results and is is right-sized for your time and resources.

Making a difference

Do you have an idea for promoting your business that you would like to try? Stop for a minute to envision the impact it would have, and how it would move you closer to your vision. What would be different? What would that mean for your business? You can get help to promote your business at Curious Dog Marketing, freeing you up to focus on your core business, doing the things only you can do.

Why go it alone?

Marketing projects can be challenging manage, because marketing can be        fill in the blank      .

“A time drain.” – Agreed. You have only a certain number of hours in the day and you’d rather spend it running your business. Your time is limited and we want to help.

“Complex.” – The number of ways that businesses market themselves these days has increased wildly. You may wonder where you even start eating that buffet. We can help you select and build targeted marketing activities thoughtfully and at a manageable pace.

“Consuming.” – While marketing can help companies connect with prospects, not all businesses can employ a full-time marketer. Working with us is like hiring an expert, focused, part-time marketing assistant, month by month or project by project.

Collaborate with us

Curious Dog Marketing provides contracted marketing coaching and implementation services to help you to promote your business. We like it best when we can help small business owners to build a thoughtful, multi-pronged, strategy-driven marketing program over a period of time; however, we can help with selected independent projects you wish to undertake as well.

We provide intelligent, creative professional services and our rates are reasonable for these services. You’ll find that working with us will be less costly than hiring a marketing agency but we’ll be more costly than using “interns,” “junior staff,” or offshore services. (We believe low-quality services result in wasted time, money, effort, and opportunities, and we don’t participate in that game.)

You don’t have to tackle this on your own. Collaborate with us to create custom marketing especially for your business. Your successful marketing program is just waiting to fetch you more customers! Click here to contact us.