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If you’re a business owner, the journey you’re on to achieve your business vision means more to you than just a way to make a living – it’s a huge part of your life, your achievements, and your future. It may even be your life’s purpose. As the owner of Curious Dog Marketing, I know what it means when your livelihood is a part of who you are. It’s one of the reasons I’m committed to working with small- and medium-sized businesses.

I started Curious Dog Marketing to coach SMB owners on methods to promote themselves to become more successful. It’s a collaborative process. I’ll listen closely to what you would like to achieve and we’ll combine our respective areas of expertise to help you get closer to your vision. My many years and broad range of marketing experience allow me to see both the big picture and the details, and I’m sensitive to your business needs and can help you make progress without overwhelming you.

My own personal goal is to strive for authenticity, satisfaction, and success, and to have enjoyable and respectful business relationships with nice people, because life is too short to want to whine or growl.

I’m committed to working with you to plan, develop, and/or implement the activities you choose, to fetch more customers with marketing.


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Sandra Collins
Owner; Marketing Coach
Curious Dog Marketing
Phone: (+1) 617-633-3275
Email: info@curiousdogmarketing.com


Located in the MetroWest area of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, serving small- and medium-sized businesses targeting English-speaking markets in the United States.

53 Wilson Street   .   Framingham, Massachusetts 01702   .   USA